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Ayshire Food Hub

Crossroads Community Hub brings you…
Ayrshire Food Hub!

Ayrshire Food Hub is taking root deep within the agricultural heartland of the west of Scotland. Located just outside Hurlford, the Hub is home to our café , a development kitchen, meeting room, a growing garden, and our Ayrshire farm shop, which will also distribute fresh local produce online.

Celebrating local producers, Ayrshire Food Hub supports local talent and shares fresh, vibrant food from Ayrshire whilst cutting food miles. Ayrshire food from Ayrshire folk.

With our parent charity, Crossroads Community Hub, at the heart of the project, there will be new opportunities for everyone. Exercise, health, leisure, and learning activities all with local as the central focus. Plus, cooking classes for all ages, rural craft and gardening groups, fitness groups and kids’ classes. We want to create a dynamic hub of activity where community support and cultural activities can flourish.

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